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Winning the Whiteboard

One of the greatest benefits of CrossFit is that you are surrounded by passionate, educated coaches who want to help you succeed. They are a lifting-lexicon of tips and tricks that will help you achieve your goals. Unfortunately, life has a way of pulling us out of the box as soon as we yell "Time!". That means many topics which are vital to your success as an athlete are left completely undressed! Classes only have time to walk you through the WOD, and unfortunately, completely neglect the mindset, nutrition and recovery principles that will make all that sweat pay off! We've put together a comprehensive CF Training Guide to make sure that you're not missing the most important information! We'll take you through the keys behind Mindset, Exercise, Nutrition, and Recovery that will have you setting the time to beat!


Your success as an athlete is not built on genetics, but rather on your mindset. As a CrossFit coach, I have seen countless people take an average body and transform it into a masterpiece because they had the right attitude. On the other hand, I've seen genetic beasts rest on their laurels and get surpassed by those less gifted. Our training guide will help you to develop the mind of champion by helping you to define your individual purpose as an athlete. This purpose will help get you out of bed when you're tired, push you through the final reps of a workout, and drive you to achieve your goals!


If everyone is attending the same CrossFit classes at your box then how is it that some athletes are consistently winning the workouts? Are they simply better athletes than you? Not at all. They've discovered that while CrossFit's prescription for a healthy life includes "constantly varied" training, actually getting good at CrossFit requires a certain degree of focus. It is impossible to become great at the snatch if you only train it when it comes up in the programming once every two weeks? Unfortunately not. The same goes for double-unders, muscle-ups, overhead squats, and all the other high skill movements that are the hammer and chisel of elite fitness. Our CF training guide will give you insights into how to maximize your time in the gym and begin winning the whiteboard. Apply these principles and you'll soon be crushing all the movements that used to crush you!


Given it's importance in supporting your athletic goals CrossFit classes put a disproportionately LOW emphasis on nutrition. If you are serious about any type of physical goals, whether that involves losing 10 pounds, getting a muscle-up, or making it to regionals, then you need to be thinking about the role that nutrition plays in your success. Our CF training guide will teach you the basics of how to eat based on your individual body type and help you get closer to crushing your goals! Applying these guidelines will allow you to maximize your athletic performance in the box while simultaneously sculpting the body of an elite CrossFit athlete.


Recovery is another pillar of athletic success that is rarely discussed in a CrossFit class. The irony is that your body doesn't actually get stronger while you are training, it gets stronger while you are recovering. That means all that hard work you did in the gym can go to waste if you do not take your recovery seriously! Additionally, factors like quantity of sleep, quality of sleep, and active recovery can play a huge role in keeping your body injury free and your goals on track! Our training guide will teach you the basics of athletic recovery to ensure that your body stays healthy and happy!

Take Your Training to the Next Level

Make sure to check out our complete CF training guide Winning the Whiteboard to discover the training principles that will help you achieve your goals!

Disclaimer: Please note that this article is not in any way affiliated with CrossFit HQ.


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