Welcome to Proven Training!

"To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift."
This program is built on the belief that great things are possible for anyone willing to sacrifice the seconds and the sweat needed to make it happen! The workouts will not be easy, but they will be effective. If you dedicate yourself to your training for the next 8 weeks you WILL be a better athlete for it.

Program Overview

Proven Training is designed to develop three-headed beasts - those capable of dominating strength, gymnastics, and conditioning focused workouts. To achieve this we will not sacrifice strength for stamina, or technique for power. Instead, we will consistently dedicate time to each of these areas and gradually build our capacity via structured progressions.
Each of our three training pillars will have a focus for the 8-week cycle. This focus will give direction to our training sessions, and will help us determine how much we improved at the end of the program.


The primary aim of our strength training will be to improve our CrossFit Total - a 1-Rep-Max test of Shoulder Press, Squat, and Deadlift. These exercises are the foundation to all other weight training, and therefore will have the maximum impact on our overall fitness. Each week we will dedicate one training block to moving the needle in each of these lifts, as well as accessory-blocks to develop supporting musculature.
We will also spend two days per week developing our efficiency in the Snatch and Clean. A six-part progression will gradually build our familiarity with the key positions, and improve our explosive power in the olympic lifts.


All gymnastics training is based on demonstrating control in upper-body pushing and pulling movements. In order to achieve virtuosity in complex exercises such as the Ring-Muscle-Up or Handstand-Walk, we must first lay a strong foundation in the Pull-Up and the Push-Up. (Paint the fence, Daniel-san). If you're rolling your eyes thinking this is going to be a walk in the park, then think again. This series of tempo-based progressions will expand the comfort zone of even the most experienced athlete, and will have a direct application to more complex movements.
In addition to laying a strong foundation for upper-body-control, we will also explore progressions in inverted movements (Handstand-Walk and Handstand Push-Ups) as well as Pistols, Muscle-Ups, and Toes-To-Bar to make sure we build well-rounded athletes.


This is where the rubber meets the road! Weightlifting and gymnastics training  is only beneficial if we learn to apply it at high intensity. Each training session will include a unique metcon aimed at pushing you outside of your comfort zone. While the metcons are constantly-varied, they are not random. They are engineered to ramp up in intensity and complexity over the first several weeks, and to provide a wide range of modal, time and movement stimuli. If you are able to complete all 40 metcons within 8 weeks, you will have officially earned the title of "Firebreather". 


If strength, gymnastics, and conditioning are the heads of Cerberus, then mobility is the body. Being unable to execute movements to their full range of motion renders power or endurance obsolete. That is why every training session ends with a few minutes of passive mobility. The programming will focus on a muscle group that were heavily targeted during that day's session. However, if you know that you have ankles that limit your squats or shoulders that impede your muscle-ups, then feel free to replace the mobility block with a few minutes focused on mobilizing where you need it most.  


Training Dictionary

Proven Training makes regular use of the following jargon. Next time you're scratching your head, trying to remember what to do, check this out:


EMOM stands for Every Minute on the Minute. Most of our training blocks make use of this timing element to help keep us focused and to limit rest periods. In some cases, we will use use E2MOM or E3MOM, which simply means Every 2 or 3 Minutes on the Minute. 

Time Denotations

We often use abbreviations to represent time. For example-
2' AMRAP = 2 Minute AMRAP
Every 90" = Every 90 seconds


Every training day will have some tempo component to it. Tempo is always written as (33x3) and can be interpreted as-
      • The first number is the eccentric, or lowering, part of the movement
      • The second number represents any pause at the bottom
      • The third number is the concentric, or explosive, component
      • The fourth number represents any pause at the top
What about the x? The x means that you should move as explosively as you can while demonstrating good control. Applying the above tempo to a squat would mean-
      • We slowly lower ourselves down over the course of 3 seconds
      • We hold the bottom position for 3 seconds
      • We stand up aggressively
      • We hold the top position for 3 seconds before going into the next rep 

Day Zero

To get the most out of the Proven Training program we recommend that you conduct a "Day Zero" prior to starting the program. This is a "test day" where we set some baselines for the rest of the program. Don't worry about PRing everything now, we just need to make sure we have a good idea of where we are starting from.

Warm Up

4 Rounds
Row 30" On, 20" Off
Increase pace each round

6' Flow:
4 Negative Pull Ups
6 Hand Release Push Ups
8 Tempo Wall Squats (3333)
10 Banded Good Mornings

Strength Assessment

30 Minutes to work up to:
Back Squat: Heavy Single
Shoulder Press: Heavy Single
Deadlift: Heavy Single

Gymnastics Assessment

10 Minutes to find:
Max Rep Unbroken Strict Pull Ups*
Max Rep Unbroken Strict Push Ups*
*Make sure that you are going through the full range of motion on these exercises. The only person you're cheating by doing half-reps is yourself!

Conditioning Assessment

"Cindy" 20' AMRAP of-
5 Pull Ups
10 Push Ups
15 Air Squats


Foam Roll Lats - 10 passes per side
Banded Lat Stretch - 60" per side
Foam Roll Glutes - 10 passes per side
Elevated pigeon stretch - 60" per side
Note: Do not feel the need to cram all of this into a single training session. If the volume looks daunting or you're simply pressed for time feel free to split it into two separate sessions - one for the Strength Assessment, and another for the gymnastics and conditioning elements. What's important is that you write down your results somewhere you can refer back to. We will re-assess a lot of these movements again in 8 weeks and it will be great to see how far we've come!

Downloading Proven Training

Okay, enough talking - let's get to the important stuff! In order to access Proven Training you will need to download the Train Heroic App (Apple | Android). Once downloaded, enter the following access code-


If you're having a hard time finding how to enter the access code then check out this support page.



We want to make sure that you have EVERYTHING you need to be successful. If you have any questions, want feedback on your lifts, or simply want to say hi, then feel free to send us a DM on Instagram anytime! Our Coaches are here to help!